Retro photos: It's the Florida Fun Parade! Retro photos: It's the Florida Fun Parade!

Retro photos: It's the Florida Fun Parade!

Can you help ID these photos?


Duke Energy’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters houses thousands of old photos from Florida to Ohio and Kentucky to the Carolinas. But many of the photos lack identification. Help us improve our records by sending us your memories about the photos below. Email, and please include the photo number or attach the image.

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Photo 212: We've posted Florida Power Fun Parade photos before, but we're still looking for information. Recognize any of the people?
Photo 204: Where are these Cincinnati Gas & Electric employees working and when? Is this building still standing?
Photo 205: Another triangular shaped building in the Cincinnati area. Where are these Cincinnati Gas & Electric employees working?
Photo 216: Is that a 1959 Cadillac? This photo is from the Nashville Gas Co. collection. What is this office and does the building still exist?

Mystery solved!

Photo 201 from Jan. 11. A number of people identified the men in the photo. That’s Crystal River Plant Manager Chip Pardee pointing out the controls for the Reactor Coolant Letdown and Purification and Makeup system to Jeff Khrum and Bryan Ferguson.


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