Retro photos: IDs for Midwest meter readers Retro photos: IDs for Midwest meter readers

Retro photos: IDs for Midwest meter readers

Plus, do you have information about these two photos from Nashville?


Thanks to Charlie Ploeger we are able to publish information about three photos of legacy company Cinergy meter department employees that were posted in August. Ploeger is manager of Meter Engineering for Duke Energy based in Cincinnati.


Photo 543: That’s Melissa Vaughan, who was a meter reader, entering data into an FCS datacap. Upon return to the office, the datacap was inserted into a cradle and the reads were uploaded to the billing system. Today, Vaughan is a supervisor in field services in the Midwest natural gas department.


Photo 548: Tonja Scott, who is a meter specialist at the Midwest Gas Measurement Center. In the photo she is testing a meter.


Photo 549: Ploeger said the employee on the left is Susan Thomas, now retired. She worked in the Service Delivery/Meter Services group. The photo was made in a training room at the Brecon Operations Center in Sharonville, Ohio. We don’t have an ID on the other employee.

Can you help ID these photos?

We don't have much information about these photos from Duke Energy's Nashville Gas archives. If you can identify these photos, email information to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 557: Where was this building located, and what was it used for?


Photo 558: What was the Gas Energy Center? Where was it located, and what was it used for?

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