Retro photos: How we work together Retro photos: How we work together

Retro photos: How we work together

Can you ID these photos from the Duke Energy archives?


These old photos from the Duke Energy archives show legacy company teammates from the Carolinas, Florida and Tennessee collaborating in a variety of work locales. If you can identify anything or anyone in these photos, email information about these images to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 509: This Carolina Power and Light photo shows employees at Brunswick Nuclear Plant. Recognize anyone? What are they doing?


Photo 514: Who are these Florida Power employees and what department did they work in? Any idea about the year?


Photo 523: If you're working in Nashville, you gotta have a band. Looks like these Nashville Gas employees were part of the band Jerry J and the Jets. Remember them?


Photo 531: She sure has a lot of pens and pencils in that pocket protector. Who are these Duke Power employees and where did they work?

Mysteries solved


David Green identified photo 290 that we published in October 2018. He said the photo shows Phil Behme, manager of Generation Engineering in the Midwest, at Gibson Station.


Joe Smith recognized the fellow in the lower right corner. "That’s me when I was a radiation protection specialist at McGuire (you can see the radiation survey instruments in each hand). This would have been in spring of 1997 for the steam generator replacement project (I remember is was a briskly cool morning). We were transporting along the access road the old steam generator to the retired steam generator facility and I was one of the RP technicians providing escort coverage."

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