Retro photos: Helping others through the years

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Volunteer work is part of Duke Energy's legacy and identity as a company. Duke Energy is committed to powering the lives of its customers and the vitality of it communities in the seven states it serves. That's why employees contribute their time and money giving back to the community.

In 2016 alone, about 4,000 Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas employees and retirees contributed about 100,000 volunteer hours through Duke Energy in Action.

Here's a look at volunteer work through the years. If you know who's in the photos or have any information about these photos, email Sign up for email alerts when new photos are posted by clicking here.


Cincinnati Gas & Electric employees helped weatherize a home in 1988.


cpl 179 Scouts Bus
Carolina Power & Light sponsored this Boy Scouts outing with energy company mascot Reddy Kilowatt in the 1950s.
cpl 178 SCOUTS
The Boy Scouts outing in the 1950s sponsored by Carolina Power & Light.
Duke Energy employees built a Habitat for Humanity house in 1999.
Florida PowerTutoring_1992-2
Florida Power sponsored community tutoring at Oak Grove Middle School in Clearwater in 1992.