Retro photos: Focused on the job

Can you ID these photos?

These folks are focused on their work, but we don't know who they are. The photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., don't have names of the people pictured. That's where you can help. If you have details on any of the photos, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 565: Who is this load dispatcher pictured in the 1978 Carolina Power and Light annual report?


Photo 588: Recognize this Florida Power employee? Any idea what department he worked, where and when?


Photo 589: Who is this Florida Power employee and what was he doing? Where was he working?


Photo 594: Looks like a big printer or copier. Who is the Florida Power employee and what is she doing?

Mysteries solved!


Photo 570: The man in this photo from the 1976 Carolina Power & Light annual report has been identified as Bobby Sandling.


Photo 576: Also from the 1976 Carolina Power and Light annual report, this lineworker has been identified as Robert Payne, who worked in Haywood County, N.C.