Retro photos: Everybody get ready and smile

Can you help ID these photos?

If you've ever posed for a group photo in an official setting, you know it can be awkward. Here are some smiling folks (pre-COVID-19 of course) from the Duke Energy archives.

The company archives house thousands of old photos from legacy companies in Florida and Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and the Carolinas. But many lack identification. If you can identify anyone in these photos or the circumstances for the photo, email information to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 505: The notes on this photo from the Duke Power collection say "Charlotte SOC." What's the occassion? 


Photo 537: Who is this Florida Power employee and triplets?


Photo 539: That's U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina on the right. And they're wearing nametags that say Robinson, so they were at Carolina Power and Light's Robinson Nuclear Plant. Who are the others?


Photo 542: Who are these Cinergy employees, and why are they posing?

Mystery solved


Mark Nutter was the first person to identify all three of these Cinergy employees in Photo 551: Kim Moore, Troy Julius Sr. and Ceci Temple.