Retro photos: Duke Power's excellent adventure

Can you help ID these photos?

These old photos from the Duke Energy archives show legacy company teammates from the Carolinas, Florida and Ohio. If you can identify anything or anyone in these photos, email information about these images to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 471: These are Cinergy Call Center East employees. Do you recognize them and know why they are posing? 


Photo 508: Who are these Brunswick Nuclear Plant employees and what are they doing? What year was this? We identified some other BNP employees. Scroll down to see who they are.


Photo 515: Looks like inventory time at Florida Power. Who are these employees, where did they work and what are they doing?


Photo 529: What was the Duke Power Excellent Adventure? Do you recognize this man?

Brunswick Nuclear Plant employees identified!


No less than 11 of you emailed to tell us about the men in photo 509. They are, from left, Jerry Champion, Bill "Captain Biscuit" Barton and William Johnson. They are training on Optilign equipment to do a laser alignment on the pump/motor.