Retro: Can you ID these photos from yesteryear?

Stroll through the Duke Energy archives

These photos from the Duke Energy archives tell the story of our legacy companies through the years. If you can identify anyone or any place in these photos, email Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 564: This photo is from the 1978 Carolina Power and Light annual report. Who is this employee? What was her occupation?


Photo 581: Our notes say these are “Florida Progress Executives.” What year was the photo taken? Recognize anyone?


Photo 580 is from the 1971 Carolina Power and Light annual report, which announced new colors for logos and marketing. The photo was shot in a Raleigh subdivision. Do you know which one? 


Photo 586: What did Piedmont Natural Gas use this truck for? Any idea of the year?


Photo 587: Who are these Piedmont Natural Gas employees? 

Photo identified!


We knew that was former Carolina Power and Light CEO Sherwood Smith on the left in photo 540. Paulette Pearce said the others are Darlene Parks and Julius McCabe. “They worked in Operations … I was a receptionist and then secretary/admin asst at the Data Center. Best people I have ever worked with!”