Quiz: Do you know how to spot a utility scam?

7 ways to identify scammers and what you can do

Scammers target electric and natural gas customers with phone, email and in-person schemes every day – anyone who pays a utility bill can be a target. As scammer techniques get more sophisticated, the easier it is to get tricked, but there are some signs to look out for to prevent you from being a victim. 

Take our quiz based on real scenarios to test your knowledge and learn how to spot scams. 


Suspect a scam? Here's what to do

If you suspect a scam, hang up, delete the email or shut the door. Call your utility company at the number located on your monthly bill or the company’s website, not the phone number the scammer provides. If you feel you’re in physical danger, call 911. 

For more information on how to spot scams, visit utilitiesunited.org.