He helps preserve company treasures He helps preserve company treasures

He helps preserve company treasures

Archivist Akeem Flavors takes over Instagram and reveals what's in the archives


Akeem Flavors is one of two company archivists responsible for preserving Duke Energy's memories. Flavors maintains a collection of hundreds of thousands of old photographs, run-of-the-mill documents like annual reports and unusual pieces of history including a cannon that shot transmission lines across the Catawba River during the flood of 1916

Duke Energy began as Catawba Power Co. in the early 1900s to provide energy to textile mills with hydroelectric power. Since the first hydro plant started churning in 1904, Duke Energy has grown to include coal, nuclear, natural gas, solar and wind. It's expanded to several states and provides energy for more than 24 million people. As it grows, so does its collection of artifacts. 

Flavors took over the Duke Energy Instagram (@duke_energy) to give us a look at a day in the life of an archivist and a chance to see some interesting company history (including the cannon.)

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