Get creative on the grill – and save energy, too

Cooking outdoors keeps the heat out of the house

Hot dogs, burgers and corn are popular choices for grilling, but other foods can have a place on the grates.

Try this meal, which some may find nontraditional, to help get you started.

Do you like salad for a first course? Consider a grilled Caesar. The char on the romaine lettuce with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese will spark your taste buds. A main course of flatbread slathered with cheese and topped with grilled asparagus is a twist. For a side of broccolini, you might need a vegetable basket to keep them from slipping through the grates. Finish your meal with a dessert of grilled watermelon.


Cooking on the grill helps you save energy. It doesn’t heat up your home and make your air conditioning system work harder than necessary.

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