Energy Archives quiz: That was the year that was, newsletters from 1976

For our archives quizzes this year, we’ll peek inside Duke Energy legacy company newsletters, magazines and newspapers from days gone by. These publications open a window into not just company news but what people were doing in company territory back then.

Long before emails and digital information screens, employees were kept updated with company information and news through publications published every week, bi-weekly or monthly. They were mostly printed in black and white and eventually began to add color.

The publications had simple to clever titles such as: Southern Public Utilities Magazine, Duke Power Magazine, Duke Power News, Duke Power Journal and Duke Energy Directions (Duke Power/Energy); O-K News (Cincinnati Gas & Electric); Watts Cookin’ (Public Service Indiana); Power Lines (Florida Power); The Spotlight (Carolina Power & Light); The Pilot Light (Nashville Gas); and The Piedmont Gasette, Piedmont Happenings and The Insider (Piedmont Natural Gas.)