Car shows and 'Wayne's World' Car shows and 'Wayne's World'

Car shows and 'Wayne's World'

Can you ID these photos? Plus, readers helped ID happy employees from 1994


These photos were pulled from Duke Energy's archives in Charlotte, N.C., and we need your help finding out what's going on! If you have any information about where or when these photos were taken, email

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This employee's photo comes from our Cincinnati Gas & Electric collection. Do you know who she is? What work is being done and where?


It seems some sort of car show was held at a Duke Power station (seen in the distance). But what site is this, and what is the occasion? (08/25/16: Identified!)


Based on the "Wayne's World" look-alikes, we're guessing this photo from Florida Power Corp. came from the late 1980s or early 90s, but can you help us identify these people and figure out what's going on? (08/25/16: Identified!)


Where and when was this sharp-looking group from Florida Power Corp. pictured? Do you know who they are?

Mysteries solved!


Charlotte employee Randy Wheeless recognized this photo as one he took in 1994. Duke Power CEO Bill Grigg was known for impromptu site visits, and stopped by the Lancaster, S.C., Garage where he was photographed chatting with employees Tommy Moore, left, and Mike Burgess. Moore has left the company, but Burgess has been with Duke Energy more than 33 years – and still works in Lancaster. With 24 years of service, Wheeless is still with the company, too.

building 31

We wanted to know if this Florida Power Corp. office in Ocklawaha still stands, and retired energy control employee Don Nine let us know it is! He confirmed that the building is an insurance office with a For Sale sign out front in Ocklawaha, Fla.

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